Drummer's main modules

Everything your company needs in a single platform


It is the indispensable tool for the Production Scheduler

Eliminates all spreadsheets and parallel controls related to the production and materials planning and scheduling, using a friendly interface with all relevant information to the Production Scheduler.

Formalizes the PCP routines

The Drummer leads to a formalization of the routines and procedures of the scheduling area, facilitating the management and knowledge evolution.

Eliminates possible conflicts between sales and production areas

Through a fast and intuitive simulation environment, it is possible to quickly discover the impact of an Urgent Order on the current schedule, as well as the definition of the best promise dates for requests from the sales area.

Maximizes your investments in ERP

The Drummer solutions fill in the gaps left by the traditional ERP systems, providing adequate answers to the daily production routine.

Needing to improve the productivity of your factory?

Implement a Drummer APS system within your industry and significantly increase your productivity, profits and even realize an incredible reduction in delivery times.
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