Responsible for balancing and synchronizing the production process based on the production bottlenecks, which can be machines, tools, labor or raw materials.

Synchronize the production with the market needs

The APS software provides quick answers to the constant changes that occur in the production process and in the market demand, always observing the assumptions and the corporate goals.


Allows the user to perform unlimited simulations of the production process, from large portfolio repositioning or simulating the impact of disruptions and deviations in the manufacturing process.

The simulation processes have, as a remarkable characteristic, the speed in which they are performed, configuring a powerful accessory tool for decision-making.


We can create several "visions" or "scenarios" of the manufacturing process, being able to compare the efficiency and validity between them.

"What if..." Analysis

Performs "What if..." simulations in real time, aimed at analyzing the impact of events or decisions to be made.


Performs the calculation of the Available-To-Promise, deriving them from the planning, and guarantees the effective fulfillment of new orders on the required date based on the stocks and manufacturing orders already placed. 


Can be configured to visualize the several simultaneous constraints to the production activity, the most common being machines, materials, human resources, tools and financial resources.

Urgent Orders

It deals with the impact of the emergency orders on the production process. It verifies the possibility of their execution, suggesting the best delivery date and simulating their impact in the entire production chain.

Load Simulation

Based on the production program defined by the commercial area, the APS software makes a comparison between the available capacity and the projected load on each resource, identifying the production bottlenecks before the scheduling process.

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