Manage dynamically your stock at clients

This module is responsible for the dynamic management of stock at clients' locations, which enables a high degree of product availability through automatic replenishment. It ensures a balance between stock levels and consumption, through the maintenance of historical records of the position of stocks, available and in transit, as well as the size of the buffers and the daily consumption per product. Through this history, the module suggests the optimal level of stocks that will balance availability, safety and low cost.

Automatic Inventory Replenishment

Based on the stock position information and sales history, the Drummer VMI suggests daily replenishment orders for the customers' stocks. These suggested orders are transferred to the company's ERP system, according to evaluation criteria defined by the user, such as minimum sales, credit status, distance, etc.

Dynamic review of inventory levels (buffers)

Another important feature of the Drummer VMI is the periodic reassessment of the stock levels, since a sales increase may exhaust the safety stocks or, in the opposite case, may generate unnecessary stocks.

Inventory Reduction

The frequent data exchange allows stocks to be replenished in a more adherent way to the demand, thus reducing the safety stocks. 

Reduction of product shortages

Daily revaluation of inventories eliminates product shortages that generate higher sales and customer satisfaction.

Reduced operating and transportation costs

A better planning process results in more stable production schedules, reducing the number of emergency orders.

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