Drummer APS Main Features

The Drummer APS is an advanced production planning solution that besides integrating with the main ERP's in the market, it also corrects the biggest problem faced by managers, the endless capacity planning and scheduling.

See what are the main functionalities of Drummer APS:

  • Allows to buy and produce at the right time and in the right quantity, reducing lead-times and decreasing delivery times;
  • Creates a realistic planning and scheduling taking into account the finite capacity of your resources;
  • Optimizes and rationalizes the use of resources, reducing inventory levels and operational costs;
  • It allows the simulation of scenarios where the manager can visualize the impact of some decisions made during the production process;
  • Performs the calculation of the Available-To- Promise, ensuring the effective fulfillment of new orders on the promised date based on the stocks and manufacturing orders already placed;
  • It is possible to visualize the several simultaneous constraints to the productive activity, the most common being machines, materials, human resources, tools, and financial resources;
  • It maximizes the investments made in the implementation of your ERP.

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Needing to improve the productivity of your factory?

Implement a Drummer APS system within your industry and significantly increase your productivity, profits and even realize an incredible reduction in delivery times.
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