Responsible for the management of the Kanban logic within the Lean Production methodology, this module ensures flexibility to the plant not only to continue operating with the physical cards and boards but also changing them for electronic boards and controls.

Lean Production Support

Responsible for the management of the Kanban logic within the Lean Production methodology, this module ensures flexibility to the plant not only in continuing to operate with the physical existence of cards and boards of Kanban and Heijunka Box, but also enables its complete elimination, transferring the existing information from the physical boards to digital boards, in a fast and reliable way.


It reviews the number of circulating Kanbans, according to the changes in demands and other parameters involved in the calculation, either by applying standardized formulas or customized rules according to each specific situation. In parallel to the Kanban review, it reviews and makes available, for each process, the Takt-Time, Pitch and EPEI indicators.


Generates and maintains both Kanban boards and Heijunka box boards, created from empty Kanbans on the boards, purchase orders for certain products or configurations, or even production orders specifically created to trigger actions on the factory floor.


Performs the electronic generation of Kanbans, allowing physical printing, if necessary, and enables the collection of the movements on the shopfloor, ensuring the automatic change of the status of each Kanban (full, empty, in process) and updating the scheduling sequence on the Heijunka boards.



Improved integration with the corporate ERP system and standardization of the knowledge base.

Reduction of Bureaucracy and Manual Work

Electronic generation of Kanbans with the possibility of printing or simply maintaining their electronic records, minimizing the possibility of human errors and loss of cards.

Flexibility in Kanban Recalculation

Agile review of the kanbans, regardless of the number of items being managed. The integration with the ERP system will ensure the demand data as well as the product structures, necessary for the calculation of demands in all levels of the structure.


Total visibility of the plant status, with indication on the electronic panels of what is empty, quantities in processes and quantities in stocks.

Immediate Availability of Information

Immediate signaling on distant supplier processes due to the availability of electronic kanbans on monitors or LCD panels.

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