Responsible for turning market demand - actual and forecast - into production orders, applying user-defined policies and parameters.

Generates production orders according to user-defined policies

The MRP algorithm is responsible for transforming market demand - actual and forecast - into production orders, applying user-defined policies, such as minimum and maximum manufacturing lots, multiplicity, scrap factors, safety stocks, production frequencies, and replenishment levels.  

Exclusive in-memory MRP algorithm

This module features an exclusive in-memory MRP algorithm, allowing the entire planning process to be generated in seconds. This functionality allows the planner to run MRP several times, as a simulation process, without affecting other users of the ERP environment.

Graphical Pegging and Multi Level-Pegging Analysis

After the orders are generated, the environment provides a graphical consumption view between released production orders, planned orders, purchase orders and items in stock. 

For the ETO - Engineer-to-order - environments or products, the Drummer MRP applies the concept of full-pegging that allows a detailed analysis of the relationship between the orders for finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials.

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